Vehicles are built to last longer, but it can only happen if you take care of its maintenance. It helps in keeping the vehicle in good conditions by avoiding unexpected costly repairs. Learn the top maintenance tips here:

  • Inspect yourself

When you take your hands on the vehicle, it is necessary to do a thorough inspection to ensure everything is working fine. Ensure lights are working fine and also check tires. Analyzing air pressure in tires helps in keeping them in good working condition. Make sure the tire of your vehicle has enough tread to get good mileage. Don’t ignore if the vehicle is making strange sounds or any other weird thing. 

  • Check fluids

Brake fluids, power steering, oil, and transmission are the main elements of a vehicle. A low or dirty fluid level affects the performance of the engine and results in premature wear and tear, which leads you to get a costly repair of the vehicle. 

All this can be avoided if you check the fluids once in a month and follow the schedules for changing oils as explained in the service manual of your vehicle.  It is essential never to ignore any leakage. 

  • Replace Spark Plugs

Usually, most of the vehicle’s spark plugs require replacement after driving near about 30,000 miles. You can verify it from the manual of the vehicle. If you observe engine has a rough idle, or it misfires then it’s time to get the spark plug replaced. Some of the other signals that your vehicle gives when spark plug demands replacement are: trouble while starting the vehicle, high fuel consumption, lack of acceleration, or engine surging. 

Spending a dollar today in small maintenance can save you thousands tomorrow.

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