Whenever you ‘re in a car accident, you need to file a claim immediately with your insurance company to cover your financial loses. But there are certain things to ensure that you abide by the rules and your claim process starts easily.

  • It is your legal responsibility to stop after an accident whenever you are involved in it. Even if you observe that the collision has not resulted in any damage, still you must stop, when your car collides with something.
  • Look for medical help if anyone is injured in the accident. If you are not seriously injured and can move, go to the safer side of the road.
  • Report to the police about the accident and get a copy of the FIR. Jot down the car details, information about driver and witnesses present at the time of FIR.
  • Inform your insurance agent as soon as possible. It would be beneficial if you contact them from the accident site.  
  • Your car insurance is a contract with your insurance company, and according to that, you must limit your conversation. It is essential to discuss the accident only with your insurance agent, medical representative, and the police.
  • It is vital that at the time of the accident you have the insurance card in your vehicle that is provided by your insurance company. 

Your task is to note down the necessary details for reporting the accident. Do not get yourself involved in the third party discussion to ensure you are paid for your claim.  

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