A college degree is the best way of setting a successful career with the highest paying job. But what if someone is unable to bear the high cost of college; won’t they be able to get a good job? Why not! Certain jobs require only training, skills and certification and not the college degree.

  • Web Developer

A computer’s degree is not necessary to become a web developer. Skills weigh heavier than education in the computer industry. Website creation is in high demand among commercial and private companies. If you have the relevant knowledge and skills, then having a high school degree is enough to establish your career in this field. You can work for the company or can start your own business with your client list. You will be able to earn a decent income approx. $66000 or more as a web developer.

  • Catering Managers

Making a career in the food service sector won’t require any formal college degree; a high school education will suffice the requirements. It’s your passion that will help you excel in the industry. The job only involves planning and directing caterers in the public and private sector. But you need to prepare yourself to work on weekends. You will able to earn approx. $50,000 in this industry.

  • Designers

Almost every company requires designing department. It provides you the opportunity to work as a designer in the department that you love working with. If you have artistic skills like you can draw, sketch, or paint on solid surfaces as per your creativity, you can have a job with decent earning. 

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